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Dan Palladino Is Available For Your Recording Project

Songwriters, do you need guitar tracks to complete your demo or album project? Vocals? Arranging or lyric help?

Podcasters, do you need show I.D.s or voice-overs?

Dan can help. Put his 30+ years of studio and live experience to work for you. Dan will produce broadcast-quality tracks just for you, at The Torpedo Room, his well-equipped personal studio. Guaranteed professional results at an affordable price.

Just use the email link to briefly describe your project and we'll work together to come up with a great-sounding solution that'll fit your budget.

Dan Palladino session FAQ:

I'm on a budget. Isn't hiring session musicians expensive?
Hiring musicians can indeed be expensive. However, working with a session musician remotely, cuts costs for the entire project. Because I own my own studio, I can record your tracks without blocking out time to travel to an outside studio. This saves a great deal of time and money.

How will I know if you can produce tracks that are acceptable to me?
Working with me is risk-free. First, I'll listen to your song to determine if I'll be able to provide the proper parts. I'm an extremely versatile musician, but there are some styles that are outside of my expertise. For instance, I wouldn't accept any sessions for classical or speed metal music. You'd be better off finding players who specialize in those particular genres, and I'll be up front with you about that.

Second, I'll provide one revision free of charge. You can't lose!

With which styles are you familiar?
Singer/songwriter, rock, blues, R&B, funk, jazz, country, roots music, avant garde, progressive.

Will your tracks sound professional?
Of course! Read a bit about me here. For an explanation of my gear, with photos, go here. Listen to samples of my work here.

Once you play on my song, will you own a percentage of the song?
No. I will sign a musician release, stating that I have been paid for my work as a session musician, and that I have no ownership in any of the music.

How does payment work?

• All payments will be made via PayPal for your convenience.

• Once you decide to utilize my service, we'll confirm the tracks required and the fee for those tracks.

• Within three to four days, I will record the guitar tracks and send you an mp3 reference mix to review. On solos and other improvised parts, I'll give you two or three ideas, and let you have those tracks to use as you see fit.

• Upon your approval, I'll send you an invoice via PayPal.

• Once I receive your payment, I will then send you a link to download the full-resolution guitar tracks (.wav or .aif) within 24 hours.

• I'll provide you with one revision free of charge. Subsequent revisions will be billed according to the agreed upon rate.

Does the price include editing?
Yes! Any tracks you receive from me will be pristine. I'll take the time to do crossfades between splice points, etc. All you need to do is import back into your project and you're done.

Does the price include effects?
Yes. If you have a specific effect in mind (phase shifter for example), I will record with that effect. Usually, it's best to leave ambient effects, such as reverb and delay, for mixdown. That will be completely under your control.

What if my song is a prog epic in 11/16, which to date, only a computer has been able to play?
I'll give you a custom quote. Of course the price will depend on the complexity of the piece.

Do you have any tips or advice that will help make my project a success?
Yes! I have a FAQ here that will greatly increase the liklihood of you being happy with your recording.

Do you play additional instruments?
I can also record electric bass and voice tracks for you.

What's the first step?
Contact me, and I'll walk you through the process. The sooner you get in touch, the sooner you'll have your project finished and ready for your fans!

• Photos in header above by Dan Komoda, except "Blue Guitar Close-up", by Matthew Krautheim

See what Dan is up to now

CURRENT RELEASE: Single ambient track "Leaving Cygnus" released on 8.31.20.
Read all about it here.

Released in 2019: Pastoral Memory. Awarded Best Meditation Album by New Age Music Guide and Best Ambient Album by One World Music Radio.

Released October 23, 2022: Produced and engineered by Dan Palladino.

Released May 10, 2022: Produced and engineered by Dan Palladino.

Released May 22, 2022. Dan Palladino: acoustic guitars on "Dynamite", electric guitars on "Breathe" and "King of Masquerade".

Released in March of 2020: One Minute Wonders of the World, a project conceived by Paul Landry of New Age Music Planet. 23 composers contributed one minute of music each, to create the Corona Concerto. My piece begins at 9:43, but the entire piece is a very entertaining listen. --DP

Released in 2019. Dan Palladino: electric guitars on "Butterfly", "Must Have Been", "Kumbaya (Hunt)"

Released in 2018. Lead vocals and guitar by Dan Palladino:

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