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What's Dan Doing Now?

  • My soundscape album, Pastoral Memory is now available! I've been working on this music for six years, so it feels great to finally send it out into the world. Have a listen to the right, and if you like it, please consider sharing with your friends. The album will soon be available on Spotify and Apple Music, and I'm working on a Pastoral Memory page here on this site. Happy listening!

  • I'm looking forward to another great year of playing and composing music. The final gig tally for 2018 was 124 - I believe that is the record for most gigs in a year. I'm not sure how many more I can physically do, but I'd like to try to top that number!

  • Continuing to come up with new ways to inspire my students, and share my knowledge with anyone who wants to learn. I've been posting short guitar lesson videos (available here), so I'll keep adding to that collection, as time permits.

  • Updated 2/11/19

    This page inspired by Derek Sivers

    • Photos in header above by Dan Kamoda, except "Blue Guitar Close-up", by Matthew Krautheim

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    Just released on 2/2/19!

    Released in 2018. Lead vocals and guitar by Dan Palladino: