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Chromatic Lick #2

by Dan Palladino

You'll notice that the key signature for this lick is labeled as C major, but there is no chord indicated. When dealing with chromatic lines, there are usually a variety of chords that will work. For example, this lick might work over a C7 chord, like you would find in a blues, or it might work over a Cmin7 chord. Try them all and see what sounds best to you.

I've found that picking each note and not using hammer-ons and pull-offs on this makes the most sense. See how it works for you. Happy practicing!

101 Guitar Licks - Chromatic Lick #2
Listen to audio of this lick: 80bpm 120bpm 208bpm

© 2012 Dan Palladino
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• Photos in header above by Dan Kamoda, except "Blue Guitar Close-up", by Matthew Krautheim

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